Demand & Supply Planning

Total demand from all external channels that feeds directly into the manufacturing plan.

Demand & Supply Planning

Forecast Accuracy

Centralised inbound demand, including market forecasts and orders, resulting in more accurate demand forecasting and better decision making.

Optimal supply planning

With a clear overview of batch/lot sizes per product, our module allows for optimal supply planning, reducing waste, improving inventory management, and increasing cost savings.

Capacity planning

Built-in capacity constraints & profiles allow for accurate capacity calculations on forecasts and daily campaigns

Demand & Supply Planning

Demand Planning Module

Demand & Supply Planning

Central Hub for Market Demand

The structure of the Demand Module is flexible and allows for seamless data flow from any existing ERP system or excel sheet that might be in use.

The Modules advanced forecasting features and visual representation of data provide a rare complete overview of total inbound demand from any forecast in use.

The quality of data currently being used by your organisation does not matter. Through our staging platform Blitz-up data can be imported directly from existing ERP systems or Excel sheets.

If data quality is poor, PLAIO creates exception reports that monitors data quality.

If data does not exist – PLAIO worksheets will create the missing data.

The Demand Module provides statistical analysis through either pre-existing BI-tools or simply with its own analytical & forecasting features.

The Module Detail Chart (MDC) allows users to monitor actual unit/value sales over time against historic and future forecasts.

Start planning smarter

Request a free demo to learn how PLAIO‘s AI software solution for pharma can return more value from your planning and scheduling process.


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