PLAIO Coplanner

PLAIO´s Coplanner is an innovative, state-of-the-art decision support functions that covers the Machines learning, AI natural language ability and Optimisation features within the Platform. The Coplanner is your trusted assistant.

PLAIO Coplanner

Machine Learning

ML based forecasting methods and advanced mathematical modelling (including neural networks).


Intuitive natural language interface, were users can ask direct questions about data, and data processing. Users can also use the Coplanner to execute actions such as “what if scenarios” or for categorising SKU´s based on forecasting error or safety stock.


Supports supply optimisation calculations, through to shop-floor plans and purchase planning.

Support Planning Function

PLAIO Coplanner

Support Planning Function

Automation & Prediction

The Coplanner suggest instant improvements to current campaigns eliminating repetitive and manual tasks. The Coplanner self-adapts to process changes over time and is therefore able to maintain accurate predictions for longer periods of time.

The Coplanner is able to create long-term planning schedules and suggest to the Planner. The schedules will take into account all relevant variables and planning data to create optimal campaigns based on the Planners conditions.

The Coplanner automatically adapts and suggests changes to the planning schedules if external/internal variables change. This may include delays in raw materials, machinery and so on.

Using AI and prediction algorithms much better long-term accuracy is achieved in the planning schedule. Less mistakes and less communications are needed to execute effective manufacturing planning flows.

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