Manufacturing Planning

Our Manufacturing Planner is built around two distinct but interconnected modules - the Supply planning module and Shop-floor module. This allows for complete and continuous visibility and real-time campaign analysis for the whole production process.

Manufacturing Planning

Optimal Supply Planning

With a clear overview of batch/lot sizes per product, our module allows for optimal supply planning, reducing waste, improving inventory management, and increasing cost savings.

Shop-Floor Planning

Allows for a visual overview of manufacturing stages and lines, enabling planners to easily plan and adjust processes, with instant visual feedback on constraints.

Optimal Production Output

Our module streamlines operations, reducing waste and increasing efficiency, leading to improved operational performance and cost savings for the pharma company.

Manufacturing Planning

Manufacturing Planning Module

Manufacturing Planning

Direct decision support to Production Schedules

The Manufacturing Planning module is a visual tool that provides direct support in deciding optimal manufacturing campaigns. The planner is able to predict instant production capabilities and suggesting optimal campaigns based on available resources, saving valuable time and money. 

The Planner provides real-time information on production campaigns, batches, cleaning time and multiple other variables that are of importance in the manufacturing process. 

The friendly user interface allows for a dynamic feature were users can intuitive propose a new or make modifications to an existing campaign through a drag-and-drop function. Colour codes will assist the planner in understanding optimal production schedules.

The Manufacturing Planner is easily customisable to various different workflows, scenarios, simulations or plant settings.

When using the Manufacturing Module at full capacity – the system will provide the best on-hand decision support through a dynamic user interface with important information, colour codes and intuitive features. 

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