Purchase Planning

Automated workflow for material requirement planning (MRP), preventing stock-outs and bottlenecks.

Purchase Planning

Optimal purchase planning

Effective purchase planning taking into account factors such as delivery time, order frequency, and demand.

Advanced stock level visibility

Overview of estimated stock levels several months in advance, giving pharma manufacturers a better understanding of their inventory needs.

Streamlined S&OP processes

Integrates with demand, supply and manufacturing planning modules to provide a full circle S&OP process. Leading to a more cohesive and efficient S&OP process.

Purchase Planning

Purchasing Planning Module

Purchase Planning

Optimising inbound purchases of raw materials

The Planner optimises inbound purchases of raw materials based on existing forecasts and demand plans.

The Purchase planner takes into account delivery time, order frequency, current inventory and other important parameters that are likely to impact the overall manufacturing plan.

The Planner adjusts instantly inbound raw material need if any changes are made to the manufacturing plan. This ensures that raw materials are available when they are needed and that stock levels are kept at optimal levels.

A real-time graph illustrates any shortages in raw materials to the plan in place. The graph is available at any given time on any device.

Automated calculations are done on estimated stock need from demand plan. The Planner proposes daily re-orders of raw materials, current stock levels and whats undelivered.

Users are able to set min. stock levels and safety levels.

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